Let Adventure Scuba, LLC Assist You In Getting Scuba Open Water Diver Certification

Open Water Scuba Certification

Your scuba open water diver certification starts here. Adventure Scuba, LLC’s open water diver course offers divers all the knowledge they require, trains them first in an indoor heated dive pool, and offers an experience for open water dives in great conditions. Open water scuba certification is an entry-level course that qualifies aspiring scuba divers as a PADI Open Water Diver. As a PADI Open Water Diver, you are able to dive with other certified divers without the supervision of an instructor or a diving guide, also you will be able to dive up to the depth of 60 feet.

Scuba Diving Fundamentals

Our experienced Instructors are experienced in teaching all the principles required to take part in scuba diving.

The course is divided into three phases, Knowledge, Pool, and Open Water.

The Knowledge portion covers the basics of Scuba diving, including diving terms, effects of breathing undeerwater, communications and equipment.

This is followed by pool sessions, where you are introduced to scuba skills as well as how to overcome issues that may come up.  

You will need to demonstrate that you can swim 200 yards with no other equipment or 300 yards with mask, snorkel and fins, and also demonstrate that you can float for 10 Minutes

The third phase, Open Water, lets you demonstrate your skills in a body of water significantly larger that a swimming pool.  You will complete 4 dives over a two day period as you earn your lifetime PADI Certification.