Scuba Diving Classes In Burleson

Scuba Diving Classes In Burleson

Adventure Scuba offers scuba lessons with limited class sizes to ensure focus on the students.  We have a good reputation and you can even read some of our positive reviews on Google to confirm that we pride ourselves on delivering the best scuba diving education in Burleson and the greater Fort Worth area. Our experienced, Elite Status Master Scuba Diver instructors are committed to making you a knowledgeable, safe, and competent scuba diver.

Most of our previous students continue to dive locally and we have numerous trained scuba divers in our Facebook community group who work together dive trips in the local area. Feel free to contact us since all our scuba diving training lessons start with Open Water Diver. After finishing this training course, students will be certified to explore a whole new world underwater!

What to understand before you register online:

The whole scuba diving course consists of three parts:

1) Self-study of about 12 to 15 hours, Classroom approximately 8 hours

2) We provide regular schedules for confined water sessions totaling approximately 8 hrs in the Burleson Recreation Center pool and these include

3) We offer full weekends of Open Water scuba dives in Glen Rose or Mesquite for your full Open Water as well as Advanced Open Water and Specialty Certifications

We highly recommend you contact our Elite Status Master Scuba Diver instructor prior to your scuba diving course selection.  Call at 817-266-1340 for more information

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If you are an aspiring scuba diver and looking to get certified, consider Adventure Scuba, LLC, our elite status master scuba diver trainers can help your journey become easy. We have more than twelve years of offering state-approved PADI scuba diving classes in Burleson and our instructors are experienced in training candidates to become qualified scuba divers. Contact us today to enroll in some of the state-approved scuba classes in Burleson that may include:

Underwater Navigator Class

You can attend the PADI Underwater Navigator classes to improve your observation skills and how to use your compass accurately underwater.

Peak Performance Buoyancy Class

Enroll in the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy class to improve buoyancy skills and increase them to better levels. You will also learn how to determine the exact weight they require and know whether they are too light or too heavy, among others.

Search And Recovery Class

The search and recovery diver class is designed to help candidates be skilled in finding things lost in the water. Candidates can also learn swimming search patterns using natural navigation.

Drift Diver Class

The PADI Drift Diver class is designed for divers to learn how to use ocean currents to glide along during their dive. Aspiring divers can also learn drift diving techniques and procedures, and get to know drift diving equipment such as floats, lines, and reels.

Adventure Scuba, LLC is here to offer you affordable scuba diving classes so for more information, contact us at or 817-266-1340.