State-Approved Scuba Classes In Crowley

If you want to experience Scuba diving and are considering getting certified, Adventure Scuba, LLC can qualify you to dive, as we have elite status master scuba diver trainers. With more than twelve years of PADI scuba diving experience, our trainers are able to train candidates to become qualified for one open water dive. Some of the state-approved scuba classes in Crowley may include:

Open Water Diver- This is the first scuba diving certification

Advanced Open Water Diver- This program is designed for aspiring divers who want to improve their skills.   

Rescue Diver-This class is designed to help divers improve their confidence and become better diver buddies. 

Dive theory-This is the science of scuba designed to expand the knowledge of divers to even become instructors 

Scuba refresher program- This class is designed to help regain the skills you learned during your first scuba diving course.

Underwater Navigator- This class is designed to help divers learn how to navigate underwater just like a pro. 

Emergency first response- This class is designed to train divers to have the skills and knowledge that could save a life. 

Deep diver- This class is designed to help divers extend their limits so as to discover more of the underwater world.

Search and recovery diver-This class is designed to help divers know effective underwater search techniques. 

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