You can now get to play in the pool with scuba equipment and blow bubbles, with this scuba diving course, you will have a one-hour scuba experience. Apart from not paying the cost of a full scuba course, candidates must be 8 years old or older to sign up for the course. Contact us today and we will have you underwater blowing bubbles in no time.

Prerequisites: candidates must be  8 to 12 years and have knowledge of swimming.

Schedule: Confirm with our latest Calendar for the date and times of our next Bubblemaker training course.

If you want to give your child an exciting underwater introduction to the world of diving, consider enrolling in the PADI seal team camp to provide your child the chance to swim around underwater and experience the adventure. The camps offer the child a structured program that helps in developing skills, learning about the aquatic environment, and having a lot of good fun. While this is a great way to introduce children to Scuba diving before a full Open Water Diver certification. These camps are conducted in a heated swimming pool, and after completion of the first Aqua Missions, they will earn their PADI Seal Team certification. Also, after 10 additional specialties Aqua Missions, candidates can become PADI Master Seal Team member.

Prerequisites: candidates must be 8 to 12 years old, have the knowledge of swimming and be comfortable in the water. Depending on the municipality that you enroll in, the price of the camp varies.

Schedule: confirm our latest Calendar to check the date and times of our next Seal Team Camps.